Patient Information

Our first session together will take about 90 minutes so I can get to know you and get a thorough intake of your health history and current condition. Subsequent sessions are usually 60 minutes. I will normally leave the room after inserting needles and return to check on you and make any adjustments. Some people find that they are nervous about being left alone with needles inserted in their body. If you feel this way, please let me know and I will stay with you our first session together. I will leave a bell in the room with you so that you can get my attention if needed.

A few other things that are helpful for you to know:

  • Please wear loose fitted, comfortable clothing.
  • Please try to have a bite to eat before your appointment.
  • If you are nervous about needles, please let me know! There are many things we can do that are very effective and don’t include needles. We can also work with your comfort level by administering fewer needles.
  • Please bring your insurance card.